Codependency interdependency

codependency interdependency

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Interdependency. Codependency vs. Interdependency. Codependent, Interdependent. Compelled, driven, intense, compulsive, possessive. Compulsive need to.
In codependency, people have a hard time differentiating between codependence on the one hand, and interdependence (i.e. healthy dependence) on the other hand. In codependent relationships, the partners have difficulty being themselves while being in the relationship...

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Stock-market syndrome or people pleasers. We often swing from one extreme to another, operating as either extremely independent or codependent, resulting in unhealthy relationships. Training ourselves to be extremely independent is a huge disservice because when we are in a situation where dependence and reliance is required—such as a romantic relationship—we have no idea how to navigate these foreign waters. Turns out, it's an apt igniter versus a long-term tool.

codependency interdependency

Send to Email Address. About TLC and Erica DJossa. What can I do to progress through the maturity continuum to maximize my personal and interpersonal effectiveness? Contribute to Atlanta Black Star today and help us share our narratives. By trying to control aspects outside of ourselves, we end up obsessing and getting too attached and become emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually controlled by the life or people we are obsessing. Obviously as new born babies we are extremely codependent. But go to Amazon and check out the various books that have been written on this subject. Early emotional survival programs, once adaptive but no longer appropriate, continue to control their thoughts and actions. Judging: How to Keep Your Romance Alive. Society is highly specialized and interdependent, codependency interdependency, so that few of us would know how to survive without running water, electricity, and codependency interdependency supermarket. Codependent couples usually are out of balance. Can you recommend a book to aid recovery? Dishonesty and refusal to admit wrong.

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  • It is born out of trust.
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  • We are taught to be strong, never reveal weakness, and above all never rely on others. But this belief has led to one of the most isolated and disconnected cultures to ever walk the planet.

Codependent or Interdependent?

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In attempting to secure their tenuous and so anxiety-laden parental bond, they were required to forget about what they really liked, wanted, and needed—even who they were. About the Codependent Heart's Owner. Quiz Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship? This means they enter into their relationships not only concerned with their own needs but also the needs of their partner. In a sense, the relationship, though curiously stable, is regressive for both parties. Never open up to anyone, never rely on anyone, and never get hurt.

codependency interdependency