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This page is the gateway to the search engine that provides information about long term care services: nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care, home.
Nursing homes and care for elderly and senior citizens. A community-based care agency for elderly and disabled adults, providing index. aspx consumerinfo / longtermcare /.
The Web site has information on how home care agencies perform on quality Site: consumerinfo / longtermcare /SearchPage. aspx?qs =NH. The Consumer Guide to Long Term Care has links to checklists for home..

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Developer Type: Federal government. The rating on the care provided in the nursing home. To read more about the quality measures and how the search works click here. Preventing Falls in Hospitals.

The Uniform Disclosure Form must be. The Web site also offers comparative information on hospitals, medical groups, nursing homes, assisted living, hospice services, services for people with developmentally disabilities and adult day care. Nurse Referral Service Agencies. Area Agencies for Aging. Anne Arundel Cecil Howard St. Adult Day Care Assisted Living Home Health Hospice Nursing Home. To become a waiver participant an individual must qualify by meeting. Private Performance Feedback Reporting for Physicians. Checklist to select a Nursing Home. Preventing Falls in Hospitals. It is important to understand.

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