Gammasquad edgar wright paul rudd

gammasquad edgar wright paul rudd

Edgar Wright's departure is still hanging over Marvel's upcoming 'Ant-Man,' including Paul Rudd's new interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Paul Rudd was excited when Edgar Wright cast him to play the titular character in the upcoming Ant-Man film. Wright, famous for British comedies (generally.
Now we just have to wonder if Paul Rudd and the other lead actors will proceed as planned, or if their contracts hinged on Ant-Man being an Edgar Wright film....

Gammasquad edgar wright paul rudd - - tour

Or we suppose we could just wait for him to get upset on Twitter. After a search of a couple weeks worth of contenders, Peyton Reed was settled on as the director and Adam McKay was brought in to re-work Wright's script into something more in line with Marvel Studios' vision of the project.

gammasquad edgar wright paul rudd

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Edgar Wright On Casting Ant-Man, Pub Crawls and Cornettos

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