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TANTRA FOR MEN · TANTRA FOR Login or see membership information. • Tantric Learn to give a Sensual Tantric Massage to your partner. And Vise Versa.
Login or see membership information. The experience of a Tantra Healing Session of 90 minutes that is customised to you can be profound and Tantric Breathing Techniques such as Full belly Breath, Circle Breath and Sexual Breathing.
Login or see membership information. Tantric or Sacred Sexuality is to experience the merging of the Divine (God or Goddess) using sensual energy as the fuel or In Tantra, sensual energy is seen as a cosmic and divine experience..

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Class often starts with a Meditational-Hug-Circle , learning to feel, intuit, ground and open. Email to discuss options pandagator.infor Beginning Here and Now: Reverse Review of Experiences AUDIO.. Featured Links link "Embodiment Workshop Register NOW:". During the session both you and your partner will receive massage and practice techniques on the other under the guidance of your Tantric Guide. Firstname: Lastname: Hide my real name from other members.

Please consider supporting our non-profit organization with a recurring monthly donation:. If you can get through on the phone please use the booking online. You are not logged in. You are fully nude during the entire session, lying on your back on a massage table in a warm room. Please bring a robe and comfortable clothing.

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Massage therapy softens and relaxes muscles with deeper Chakra stimulation through energy manipulation. Done in a spirit of love and worship, Tantra is a meditation. Firstname: Hide my real name from other members. You are not logged in. Only by choosing to open ourselves to pleasure, to sensual love and by consciously using the energy created to release the blocks, tension and stress, can we release our negative imprints that we so often hold in our sacred space.