Questions understanding password profiles settings

questions understanding password profiles settings

If you forget your password and need to reset it, you're sometimes required to verify and answer on the Change My Password page in your personal settings.
Common Setup Questions. Access to Merchant Profile ; Changing currencies. Instead This is used for password resets and obtaining new transaction key.
Requiring a user to answer challenge questions, or entering an OTP before receiving the forgotten Configure the following settings for the Forgotten Password profile: For more information, see Understanding the Verification Methods.

Questions understanding password profiles settings -- journey Seoul

This data can be set by individual user ID or by group. Enter the directory path for the unified logon service program. Users must answer this number of user-defined questions to register Set the required number of user-defined questions that a user must specify to create a Questions and Answers profile. The website includes a range of technical terms and acronyms such as API, PHP or mySQL. This number defines the auxiliary security server. This is used for password resets and obtaining new transaction key. If you click the Guest account item when it is turned on, you see the Turn Off The Guest Account link.

questions understanding password profiles settings

When you copy security records to a user, security records must not already exist for that user. The values must be the same for both the workstation and enterprise servers for workstations to log onto and run batch reports from the enterprise server. Management Policy and Other Password Manager Settings. If desired, select the OSE Interface Name option and type a name in the field that appears. You should keep user security simple. Attach the proper Address Book record to the user or role profile. Password Manager Service Account. The display status of the User Status field. The simplest way to set up product mother bride oversized slouchy sweatshirt nautical bridal collection security is to have all data sources share the same system user ID and password by leaving the data source field blank when you initially create user security records for users or roles on the Security Revisions form, questions understanding password profiles settings. What are the backup filesize limitations of the myRepono API? Under Question List, click the Edit questions link to specify mandatory, optional and helpdesk questions in the default language. This section provides an overview of enabling and synchronizing security settings and discusses how to:. Upon log-in to myRepono you will be shown the 'Add New Domain' form users who have already added a domai. Modify the setting to enable or disable unified logon. In general, these operations affect only the user who is logged on to Windows Vista. Leave this field blank to set the data source information for all data sources. Accepts only users set up for standard sign-in security.

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Profiles, Sharing Settings, Permission Sets, OWD and Sharing Rules

Questions understanding password profiles settings -- tri cheap

Once you have selected a domain to view you will be taken to the 'domain overview' page. Changing Self-Service Site URL on the Administration Site. Work With System Users.